Progress Photos of Our Zero-Energy Cabin

The house is really coming along. Here's what's happened lately:

  • Finished air sealing and achieved .50 ACH at 50 pascals with blower door test
  • Installed Roxul Safe-N'Sound acoustical mineral insulation in all interior walls and most floor joist bays
  • Completed exterior siding
  • Carried the AO Smith Vortex heat pump upstairs and plumber installed
  • Dry-wallers hung most sheets and will begin taping and mudding next week
  • Finalized cabinet and countertop selections
  • Completed ducting for range hood
  • Sunergy Systems installed PV system, which was inspected by L&I and is awaiting final approval by Okanogan Electrical Co-Op
  • Carpenter installed temporary stairway so we no longer have to carry everything up and down a ladder!