Greenhome Solutions

Paperstone Countertops


Created with an attractive, high-quality Baltic Birch plywood core, CoverPly is overlaid on both sides with a PaperStone Panel layer. CoverPly is available in both the rich, traditional Solid Color Panel colors and the lighter, fresh Designer Series Panel colors. Available in three different thicknesses, CoverPly comes in 4-by-8-ft. panels and is the perfect product for constructing solid and attractive furniture, including wardrobes, dressers, bookcases, closet organizers and even cabinetry and restaurant and board room tabletops. Manufactured in America, CoverPly is particularly cost-effective and easy to work as well as being FSC-certified as an eco-friendly product.

Lighter weight and much lower cost than full-thickness PaperStone® panels
Made with FSC®-certified paper, FSC®-certified plywood and our own PetroFree™ resins
Quality plywood core material has no voids or core laps
Helps contribute to a smart, elegant and responsible lifestyle
Manufactured in a socially responsible manner
Choosing responsible products means living in a healthier world

Full-thickness panel offers strength and durability

  • Beauty of stone
  • Machines like wood
  • Ideal for countertops in any room
  • Especially well-suited for vertical applications, cabinetry, restaurant food prep surfaces and many more creative uses
  • Easy to fabricate and install

Non-porous surface provides a lifetime of stain resistance

  • Heat resistant
  • Mechanical attachments stay secure
  • Surfaces resist sand-through
  • Excellent color stability, resists the effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays
  • Easy to fabricate and install with carbide-tipped woodworking tools
  • Safe, washes clean easily with sponge and dishwashing liquid
  • Recycled paper countertop will not promote growth of bacteria, mold or mildew with proper cleaning

Cork Flooring

Almada Cork Flooring - Marcas | Natural

Cork is one of nature's best building materials. Beveled narrow planks provide the traditional look of hardwood floors and have all the benefits you can only get from cork. More comfortable and warm underfoot, Almada floors naturally resist mold, mildew, and pests. And, with Greenguard Children & Schools certification for indoor air quality, you can breathe easy and rest assured that Almada will not introduce harmful chemicals into your home. Easy to install and maintain, Almada floors require no glue or nails.